The smart way to buy your new Holden.

Guaranteed Future Value

SmartBuy’s guaranteed minimum buyback price gives you an assurance of your vehicle’s future value.


Guaranteed minimum buyback price


Enjoy the certainty of fixed payments.

It’s Up To You

If you comply with the terms of the contract, at the end of the financing contract you can keep it, trade it or return it

Keep it

Keep your Holden by making the final, residual payment, which reflects the agreed value of the vehicle at that date.

Trade it

You can trade your Holden and use the trade-in value towards your next Holden purchase.

Return it

Return your vehicle to your Holden Dealer, paying a $350 fee and any excess charges instead of the final payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the end of my SmartBuy contract if I choose to return my Holden?
We will inspect the car’s condition for excess wear and tear. You will be charged for any such excess. If you’ve exceeded the allowed number of kilometres, you’ll be charged a separate excess kilometre amount.

What is excess wear and tear?
Examples are such items as broken glass, damage to body or trim (minor paint chips or scratches are generally not considered excess wear and tear), torn, damaged or badly stained interior, missing parts, etc.

What if my Holden's value is less than my SmartBuy final payment?
The most attractive aspect of Holden SmartBuy is the vehicle return option you have at the end of the financing contract. Provided you comply with the terms of the contract, simply give Holden Financial Services 30 days written notice, return the vehicle and pay the $350 disposal fee, plus any excess charges (if applicable). You then walk away with no further obligations.

Can I trade my Holden before my term is up?
Yes, provided you pay all amounts owed to Holden Financial Services under the financing contract at that time. However, it’s worth remembering that because of the structure of Holden SmartBuy with the larger final payment, the amount you may owe during the term of the contract is likely to be greater than the trade-in offer. That's why it's important to choose a term which best suits your driving cycle.

SmartBuy Terms and Conditions available here